To Whom It May Concern.

Dion’s training and listening to his view on the game has helped me improve more than I ever could. Not only did I improve during his sessions,  I also got technical training I could do on my own. Dion not only teaches how to become a better player, but also a better person.

Sajji Singh
Fairview High School J V Player/ FCB u/15 Elite

To Whom It May Concern.

Mr. La Foucade has vast experience and knowledge in youth development that is complimented by his enthusiasm and dynamic style of working. Learning environments in my opinion are of paramount importance and Mr. La Foucade creates excellent and unique environments to develop players, coaches and teachers. Within these environments I have witnessed very well organized programs of work that are vibrant, allow problem solving with creative and stimulating challenges.

He is also an excellent role model and coaches of this quality are far and few between. I have been very impressed with the work he undertakes with children, teenagers, coaches and teachers.  In my humble opinion I would say that he is unique, innovative and proactive that would benefit any organization.


Eamon Mulvey
Manchester United Academy Coach

To Whom It May Concern

We had the honor of driving Dion to the Real game on Sunday, followed by the most enjoyable evening when he agreed to have dinner with us ( I think we forgot to mention that we had 6 kids when he agreed to join us J).  I have to say that the evening was one that had a huge affect on Kiran and Sajji, our oldest daughter Avani… and frankly Ron and I were moved as well!    Dion, you truly have a gift and we are so fortunate and blessed to have had the chance to experience it in a one on ‘eight’ setting.  Kiran said it best,  “ this is one of those nights that will change my life and I will never forget!” 

What I think was the highlight of the evening was watching the video tape of the U/14’s Thursday evening Real cup match with Dion pointing out so many aspects of the game that we had to rewind time and time again to see it all- and I think we only saw a fraction of what he all sees.  I have to admit at first I was a little worried to have Kiran watch and hear the critics thinking it would negatively affect him with his perfectionist tendencies -I thought it would shut him down as he watched the numerous mistakes.  But the way Dion pointed out the issues was so neutral and coming from the intention of improvement vs. blaming any one individual that we were mesmerized and silent with thoughtful contemplation.   I think we all went to bed dreaming of soccer and being in awe of the game!  Reviewing the match video tapes is a huge tool that we would love to see the club utilize on a regular bases.  I know we as a family will be video taping games (and our daughter’s swim meets for that matter) to review ourselves. 

 I also wanted to say that Dion lit a fire in the boys that we have not seen for a long time.  They stayed up after he left and created their own summer training program that they have already started on yesterday.  Both of the boys realized that they can improve their abilities on their own, in spite of the lack of discipline and work ethic of their teams.  I am so happy that they are taking the responsibility for their own improvement!  Too bad Dion could not spend an evening with EVERY family in FCB! 


Ron & Michelle Singh

To Whom It May Concern.

We have a treasure in our club and I strongly recommend you use it to the club’s best advantage.

I have spent the past three days with Dion La Foucade in Las Vegas while he coached the U-14 boys Elite team for the WCDA tournament.  He was guest coach while Adam Hayes was attending to his growing family.  I was fortunate as a chaperone to be able to attend all the team meetings and trainings.  I really had a great opportunity to see Dion in action.

Wow, was I impressed with Dion’s coaching, both on and especially off the field.  In the end, the boys lost four of four games and didn’t score a single goal.  And yet, they were able to stand strong afterwards, in large part to Dion.  How did he manage to achieve this?  He shows sincerity, compassion, dedication, and a passion for coaching.  He connected well with the boys and was able to inspire them all.  He speaks to the best of each of them, knowing how to challenge without overwhelming.

What I most admire about Dion is that he is not coaching soccer, but teaching about life through soccer. Over the weekend, he began a process of developing the character and mental fortitude to be the best citizens our community has.  Talking with the other parents as well as the boys, we don’t want this process to end.  Selfishly, I would love to have Dion coach these boys more.  Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for Adam and would not want to loose his contribution.  (In fact I find that Adam coaches in the same spirit as Dion.)  But the club would benefit best, I believe, by spreading Dion’s approach to all the coaches.  As the coaches’ coach, he would likely be able to make a more global effect. I understand that some coaches may be intimidated by having Dion coach them.  But what I can tell you from my experience watching him with the boys, he is in no way intimidating when he coaches and does not force his message onto anyone.  He simply inspires those he coaches to reach for their potential.

So, I encourage you to utilize Dion’s talents as much as you can for the benefit of my boy’s team, FC Boulder and the community at large.


Gil Wette

To whom it may concern:

My name is Ato Boldon, and I am a four-time Olympic medalist, World Champion sprinter from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a former Senator. I am also an Emmy-nominated broadcaster for NBC Sports/NBC Olympics, and a speed consultant for several Olympic track and field athletes and NFL players through the New Jersey-based company, Test Football Academy.

I have known Mr. Dion La Foucade for well over a decade, and I have been a guest at his soccer and youth-related events on multiple occasions.

One of the reasons I have always made the time to be present at his events when I visit Trinidad is that in a country of many who have given up, or accept mediocrity, Mr. La Foucade stands apart, as someone who has shown for decades that he is committed to our country’s youth and their development, both as athletes and as citizens.

I am the MC of a program in the United States known as Win With Integrity, which is funded by USATF, USA Track and Field, the governing body for track and field in the USA. I am also a global Ambassador for the IAAF, the International Association of Athletics Federations, the global governing body for track and field. Mr. La Foucade’s approach to youth development through sport is quite similar to the programs in which I am involved, through both of those organizations.

My experience working alongside Mr. La Foucade for over a decade gives me no pause in saying that he has demonstrated to me the highest integrity and values as well as a steadfast commitment to kids, for over a decade.

Ato Boldon
Former Olympic Athlete. Analyst NBC Sports/NBC Olympics

I emphatically endorse Coach Dion La Foucade for any organization or person looking to improve.  I consider Dion as a man and coach of the highest caliber, character, integrity, and work ethic.

Although my experience with Dion is not at a professional or national sports team level, I had the pleasure of working with Coach Dion at a Youth Boys Travel Team. Coach Dion held multiple soccer clinics with our boys’ travel team, interacting with the boys in a clinic/camp environment, and he stayed with the boys and coached them in our first pre-season tournament.  In that short amount of time, Dion provided invaluable mentorship, technical and tactical advice, and positive leadership.

Dion La Foucade is definitely a man of great character, strong in his faith, and passionate about his profession and the future of the sport. He quickly gained the respect of the players, the other coaching staff, and the parents of the youth players.  He not only gained the respect of all, but he showed great respect towards the boys, the desire to learn, and their passion and love of the game.

 Coach Dion La Foucade is a man of the highest caliber, and I strongly recommend him without any reservations.

Retired Colonel, United States Army Director, Force Development

To whom it may concern

Re: Dion La Foucade

I met Dion La Foucade at a Sports Conference in England in 2003. This visit was part of his regular search for new ideas and information relating to all areas of soccer coaching around the world. He has used such visits to various countries to enable him to develop into a top coach with a very strong reputation in many countries.

At the time of our first meeting I was the U/19 Youth Coach at Liverpool Football Club. I invited Dion to extend his visit to coach our young Academy players from Under 9 to Under 19. It was immediately obvious that he had so much to offer to our program with his unique style and content that was different to the norm in England.

In 2007, I was promoted to the lead post of Academy Manager. In all, I coached at Liverpool for 19 years having previously worked for the F.A. as the Manager of the England ‘C’ Team (open age) and as the Manager of the England U/16 National Team. Currently I am employed as an auditor for the Premier League’s new plan ( EPPP ) for the professional Academies in England and Wales.

Dion’s innovative methods and energetic delivery left a very positive impression on me from our first meeting. Since then, we have worked together in Liverpool and on my visits to his soccer school in Trinidad. In addition to his excellent knowledge and vast experience as a soccer coach, Dion has many extra personal qualities to make him stand out as a unique educator and developer of young players and coaches.

I strongly recommend Dion to you unreservedly.

John Owens
International Academy Assessor/Consultant/Former Academy Director Liverpool Football Club

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Lincoln Phillips, former Technical Director of Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation (2004-2011) and member of several halls of fame it is indeed an honor to have been asked to write a recommendation on behalf of my dear friend, Dion La Foucade.

I have known Dion for over 30 years and have a great deal admiration for the work he has done in Trinidad both as a National youth coach, and more importantly, as a soccer camp director. Dion has worked with me, at my soccer schools for over two decades, and numerous other soccer camps in the US gaining tremendous experience in the coaching of the American youth player. He has taken his experiences, garnered through the years, from all over the world and successfully transformed these skills into Trinidad and Tobago’s most successful youth soccer organization, the Dion La Foucade Soccer Clinic.

Dion’s reputation for developing youth soccer players is a matter of record. He has produced some of the top soccer players in Trinidad and Tobago, several of them matriculating to national teams as well as receiving college scholarships at numerous US collegiate institutions. However, what separates Dion from most of the soccer camp directors in Trinidad and Tobago is his (and his coaching staff’) enthusiasm and unique style of coaching youth players.  His style and method of coaching creates a fun-filled learning environment which is so conducive to success, not only on the soccer field but in life.  In addition, Dion spends quality time in the under-developed regions of Trinidad and Tobago offering free clinics and serving as mentor to many of the youths who never had leadership in their lives.

Dion now wants to move on to a bigger challenge as a Technical Director in the United States.  I strongly recommend him to any soccer organization that is in search of an internationally experienced educator. He is a scholar, an outstanding leader, motivator….and a gentleman.

Yours Respectfully.

Lincoln Phillips
World Renown Coach. Hall of Famer

To Whom it May Concern:


My name is Iain Brunskill and for the past 20 years I have been involved in professional football both as a player and a coach at the highest level of the game in England.  More recently I have taken up a post with the English Football Association as a Youth Coach Educator working within the professional clubs Academies.

I have a vast amount of experience within coaching and coach education and have traveled all over the world to view different coaching styles and methods.

I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Mr. Dion La Foucade for over 12 years and have observed his work, both within his own highly renowned program in Trinidad and within the professional game in England at Liverpool FC and Blackburn Rovers FC.

Mr La Foucade’s expertise in Community based Coaching and Coach Education and his unique set of both professional and personal skills, aligned with his range of professional qualifications gathered from a multitude of National Football Bodies, qualify him as a world leader in his specialized field.

Iain Brunskill
English F A Youth Coach Educator

To whom it concern:

As  a former Technical Director of the Capital Area Soccer Association and Camp Director, I have had the pleasure to work with Dion La Foucade.

Mr. La Foucade is unique in what he can offer in terms of teaching the game of soccer to the young players in the United States.  He brings years of playing and coaching experience combined with high level educational processes.  He has attended and trained at high level clubs in the English Premier League, during this time establishing many contacts.

Dion has conducted years of high level clinics in Trinidad and Tobago, with trainers from Italy and England.  In doing so, he has affected hundreds of young players setting the foundation for growth and encouragement in the sport.

He is structured, educated and disciplined.  He is a hard worker, with a passion to teach while also being a positive role model.

I highly recommend Dion La Foucade.


Richard Chinapoo
Former Trinidad and Tobago National Player & Former Technical Director Capital Area Soccer Association.