Here is my testimonial- thank you so much for all you’ve done for me! 😀

Dion is an excellent coach and person as well. I have learned tons as a player, and have improved my game, while also becoming a better person on the way!

Thanks senor!

Bennett Hall in his own words.
Bennett Hall

To Whom It May Concern

I cannot praise enough what a great Coach Dion is!  He brings a whole new concept to youth soccer development!

My son 12, playing highly competitive soccer, started attending his weekly soccer sessions last winter and we are extremely impressed.

His sessions include different technical and tactical training areas which I have not seen in North American soccer programs before, and are comparable to International / European soccer academies – ‘think Bundesliga’.

He’s a true expert in his field and has a gift for teaching children how to learn the techniques of soccer through fun and creative ways, keeping it always challenging and my son just can’t get enough!

Coach Dion’s passion for the game is contagious and we couldn’t ask for a better coach and mentor!


Thank You!

Heike Tritschler
Parent of Kevin

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Spencer Wood and for the past 16 years I have practiced as a trained Sport Psychology Consultant and Exercise Science Specialist, working with over 100 different Universities, Professional Teams and Olympic Programs across the country and around the world.

Through my work, I have interacted and worked with Mr. Dion La Foucade on multiple occasions.

In both the United States and in his home country of Trinidad & Tobago, Mr. Foucade is held in the highest regard, not just for his impeccable character as an individual who contributes and volunteers for not-for-profit ventures and activities for his community, but also for his reputation as one of the foremost global experts in the sport of soccer.  This lofty statement is not just underscored by his extensive experience with national soccer teams as a coach and expert in player development, but the status he enjoys in regional club soccer as an extremely rare and gifted educator, communicator and teacher.

In my position, I have had the good fortune and opportunity to work with coaches who have a combined 19 NCAA Division 1 National Championships, Two NBA Championships, 1 NHL Stanley Cup, Numerous World Cup Soccer Finals Games, Numerous Olympic Gold and World Championship Gold Medals, in addition to many other accolades, and so I speak with some authority when I say that Mr. Dion La Foucade is on par with the very best and brightest coaches and educators in the World.

Most Sincerely,

Spencer G Wood
PhD (ABD), M.S., B.A., B.S., NSCA-CSCS, NASM-PES, Member AASP President, Icebox Athlete www.iceboxathlete.com

To whom it may concern.

The training we did with Coach Dion were in my opinion, are very resourceful. We learned that it’s important to have a lot of tools in our tool box, and the game consists of many different problems that you have to solve very quickly. With these training sessions he definitely highlighted key factors about how we can improve, and Dion would give us great insights and activities to do which showed us wonderful examples of how professional players would have mastered these techniques. For example, we would do drills like hitting the ball against the wall which not only helped improve both feet, but we also learnt how to think very quickly in the correct way. He also gave us some small sided games to solve various game situations with and without the ball at game speed. Our speed of thought improved very much. Not only did we do technical, tactical and physical work with the ball, we also talked about the mental side of the game. How thinking ahead is crucial or how your mentality/confidence levels could affect your game.  Dion also gave us little metaphors to help us remember. Also he talked about how important it is to being a humble and nice being a person. I learnt “you’re a professional before you’re a professional”. Moreover, the learning environment was fun, everyone was having a good time, were relaxed, and the things he showed us were made easy to accomplish.  Dion showed us how we could work on certain technical things at home and improve. Overall I think it was a great experience and showed me that there’s multiple other factors to the game, and that you can always get better. I highly recommend it and would definitely do it again.


Orlando Alaniz Cruz
FCB Elite Player

To Whom It May Concern

I have never actually felt like I was improving at practices. However, Dion’s training is a cut above rest. Not only do you improve as a player immensely, but he makes training fun and joyful.

I have never met anyone like Dion before. The second you walk into the room with his presence you instantly feel at home. He is the kindest, and most sincere person I have ever met. Not only is he the most qualified coach I’ve ever had the pleasure of being coached by, but he takes soccer to a whole different dimension. It is an incredible experience.

Dion is an incredible teacher, on and off the pitch.

I wouldn’t be the player I am today without Dion. His training is next level stuff.

I love training with Dion, he makes even he toughest drills enjoyable.

When you practice with him, you start to ask some questions about your previous trainings with other clubs and coaches. It’s incredible the things that I have never thought about in the game of football.

Dion has immense passion for what he does and the game of football. It’s infectious.

These are just a few of my thoughts! Hope this gives you an idea of Coach Dion.

I truly mean it all!


Aidan Longhurst
Boulder High School, Senior. FCB u/18

To Whom It May Concern

My son (11) attended one of the camps of Coach Dion last November, and he not only improved his skills dramatically, but the practices were a lot of fun, and I believe my son became a more “complete” soccer player.
What impressed me the most is the positive attitude and energy Coach Dion brought to every practice, and the effortless way in which he engaged an 11-12 year old crowd.
I have seen many coaches over the last 7 years, and where most of them are falling short is not on the technical side, but the challenge of communicating with younger players, and instill excitement for this wonderful game, while teaching them to deal with adversity in a positive way.
We will surely book many more camps with Coach Dion. Highly recommended!
Johannes Tsiridis

To whom it may concern.

My experience with Coach Dion has been a great one. I have never failed to learn something new each time I have been with him. He offers an incredible knowledge about the game and has a one of a kind coaching style. Coach Dion focuses on all aspects of the game which sets him apart. He is able to improve players mental game greatly which is rare to find.

Tactically I have been amazed how much I have learned by watching professional games with Coach Dion. It is always an engaging experience and he forces me to think as a player and I have never learned more about the game in that short of time.

Training experiences have been amazing and I have always come out of a training happy. We work on technical drills that improve all aspects of our game. His training exercises are always new from what I have done before and I always enjoy the challenge it brings. The training sessions are a perfect balance of drills and getting to scrimmage. Coach Dion has a positive attitude and always brings out the best in players.

Andre Miller
Fairview High School Varsity. Captain

Coach Dion is an incredibly positive person.   He inspires kids to believe in themselves, both on and off the soccer field.  Simply put, Coach Dion radiates goodness and kindness.

Kirby McIlyar

To Whom It May Concern

I would just like it to be said that without coach Dion I would never be playing soccer at the University of Puget Sound. While credit is also due to the coaches who helped developed me during my youth, Dion came into my life at a time when life was filled with uncertainties, a time when I was not sure if soccer was even something I wanted to continue to have as part of my life. However, coach Dion took the time to create a relationship with me built on the belief in my abilities. I was lacking confidence and, as Dion says, “The level of your potential will never surpass the level of your confidence.” Dion was able to show me my capabilities and has helped me achieve levels I never would have dreamed. He was able to cultivate my leadership abilities as well as my technical ability, to where I was voted the captain of the varsity team for my second semester freshman year. I am now in my second semester of sophomore year at the University of Puget Sounds, and I am lucky to still have Dion as a resource to continue to further progress not only my soccer development, but also my development into a young man.

Coach Dion, in my opinion, is a master at the psychological aspect of coaching. Dion is very personable and humble, and seeks to establish a relationship with each one of his players which aids him in his ability to mentor a player. He always treats players with respect and it is on this foundation that he is able to begin to help players believe in themselves. Too often youth players and made to focus on their mistakes, however Dion approaches coaching from the point of view of helping players reach their potential. He is able to create a sense of belief in his players which is of the utmost importance if a player wishes to develop. Dion is also able to reach all players, while most coaches I have grown up with only cater to the player who is already better than most of the others on the team.

Coupled with his psychological mastery is his advanced understanding of the game. Dion has studied under some of the top coaches in the world, and is able to break down complicated tactical ideas and make them understandable to players of all ages. He is very good at holding film sessions with individuals and players alike, and helps players grasp concepts of soccer using film as a medium. I have also had the privilege of both training under Dion and he places a heavy emphasis on technical work. A player’s technical ability is the necessary foundation upon which every other aspect of the game is built. As Dion correctly says it, “There is no system in the world that caters to poor technique.” Dion always finds new and creative ways to make the technical work enjoyable, and is very good at catering to each individual’s technical level.

I hope this letter offers a detailed insight into Dion’s abilities as a coach!

Zac Lokay
University of Puget Sound. NCAA DIII men’s soccer, Captain.

To Whom It May Concern

I have been playing soccer since I was only 3 years old and nothing gets me more excited than getting to wake up on a Saturday morning to go and play. Along with my many years playing in the game, I have gotten to train with the best and worst coaches, and with those came the highest and lowest of training practices. Of all of the coaches that I have had, Coach Dion has been by far the best that I have ever had. Even from the first time he visited my FC Boulder team back when I was a u/14, I remember going home and just thinking: “that was the best practice that I have ever had.” From that day on, I have been getting every chance I could to train with him. every training session I have become better and better, and there is such a noticeable difference. My touch has become better every day I play, and so has every other aspect of my game. Going into those training sessions, sometimes it gets very difficult, and I get frustrated with myself. But in the end, Dion is able to keep everyone confident, and working as hard as we can for as long as we can.

Aside from the actual playing, I have always struggled with the mental side of the game. As the game goes on, I often found myself getting so frustrated with myself to the point where I was scared to play so I wouldn’t make a mistake. All of this dropped my confidence to a low point, and I was nervous to get the ball. However, working with Dion over these last few years really helped me boost my confidence, as he fed to me inspiration and trusted in my ability. Since then, my confidence has raised to a higher level, and with confidence rose my ability. I don’t know where my ability would be today if Dion wasn’t there to help me get through my confidence issues.

For anyone thinking about doing a training session with coach Dion, I think there is nothing more valuable. The amount of growth you will see just through one training session is astonishing, and can’t be matched by anything else.


Kiran Singh
Fairview High School Varsity Player. FCB u/17

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