Dion La Foucade

Internationally recognized soccer coach, lecturer and clinician

Certifications & Badges

  • F.I.F.A Coaching courses
  • English FA Preliminary Badge
  • English FA Full Badge
  • Advanced Brazilian License
  • United States Soccer Federation B License
  • CONCACAF Coaching Course
  • N.S.C.A.A Premier Diploma
  • Brazilian Coaching License BRUSA
  • F.I.F.A. women’s coaching courses
  • Manchester United Coaching Seminar

Professional Experience

  • Coordination of International Soccer Camps & Coaching Seminars (US & Uk)
  • Development of Youth Soccer Programs
  • Management of official tours to International Soccer Academies
  • Specialist Skills Coach and Camp Director
  • Guest member of the F.I.F.A Technical Group 1994 Men’s World Cup
  • Head & Assistant Coach for Trinidad & Tobago National U-15 and U-17
  • Technical Director (La Foucade Soccer Clinic and Steamboats Soccer Camps)
  • Head Coach of a number of local clubs and schools
  • Guest Coach for numerous Professional Youth Clubs Worldwide, including Liverpool F.C., Newcastle F.C., and F.C. Victoria-Brazil

 To Whom It May Concern,

Niyakko Rush Soccer Club is a soccer ministry founded in 2013 with the purpose of creating community and opportunity to refugee youth in Aurora, Colorado through the game of soccer. Our goal is to not only give our players top-notch coaching and personal training, but also to teach them valuable life lessons that they will take with them beyond the soccer field such as discipline, hard-work, accountability, and grace.

“Coach Dion” was first invited to join one of our weekly Saturday afternoon practices on January 14, 2016 and we were blessed enough to have him return for the following two weeks of practice. Our outreach program will have guest trainers from time to time, but never have we had anyone who challenged not only our players but also our volunteer team as Dion La Foucade did.

His warm humor, commitment to excellence, and passion for bringing the greatness out of everyone in his influence was undeniable. English is not the native language for many of our players, so luckily for our players, Dion found ways to reach, inspire and guide our players without always using words.

From time to time, as is in all aspects of life, we can get into a habit of routine and lackadaisicalness and it is safe to say that our soccer ministry was creeping down that road. I truly believe that the timing of our sessions with Dion was not a coincidence but a divine intervention when we needed him the most. It is my hope that we will continue the good work Dion jump-started into our program and when our paths cross again we will have made him proud.

Thank you Dion for reminding us to have faith and believe in ourselves, our teams, and those we have yet to meet.

Thank you and God Bless!

Dion's gift not only inspires players, but coaches and youth leaders as well.
Jason Hicks Founder and Head Coach Niyakko Rush Soccer Club

To Whom It May Concern

We can thank certain people in our lives for shaping us as athletes and more importantly as individuals; and these people are irreplaceable mentors that guide us on the often difficult roads of life. Dion is one of these people who has helped me navigate these roads.

Knowing Dion for the past five years or so I can credit him with a huge sum of my soccer development alongside my personal development. His knowledge about the game is impeccable as he has scoured the globe to learn every aspect of the beautiful game. He has shown me things that happen on the pitch that know other coach would even be capable of competing with. He has shown me how the simple things in the game make the greatest difference, and how ones mind can make an even bigger difference.

When I reflect on what Dion has taught me as a player and person one quote resounds in my mind, “Talent is Never Enough”. It is the title of a book he shared with me which has helped motivate me in all aspects of my life to realize that  hard work gets the job done. I would rank Dion as one of the most knowledgeable in the country if not the world. He understand the game and people which is a combination few coaches possess; and it is because of this that I hold Dion in such high regard as a coach, mentor, and friend.

Riley Shea
The positive impact a genuine coach can have on an athlete.
Riley Shea - Senior, Broomfield HighSchool, Colorado

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